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      High temperature electrically heated roller for industrial web processing applications

    Our electric heat transfer rolls are trusted by these industries & applications:

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    Industrial Heat Transfer Rolls for the Converting Industry
    Our heated rollers achieve operating temperature quickly,  reducing downtime considerably given today's shorter product runs.  Our precision controls ensure quality product and minimal scrap, allow processes to run with variable web widths, and eliminate edge effect on thicker/heavier webs.  Hysteresis at lower speeds (induction rolls) and non-uniformity at high temperatures (hot oil rolls) are non-issues with our unique electrically heated rolls.


    Industrial Heat Transfer Rolls for High Performance Plastics
    Our electrically heated rollers provide the high temperatures needed by customers working with fluroelastomers, brightness enhancing films, teflon-based materials, and other high performance plastics.  While hot oil and induction rolls lean heavily on heat pipes for temperature uniformity, our unique design - with multiple zones and uniform watt density - ensures precise control at high temperatures.  The absence of a fluid transfer system also makes our product ideal for use in Clean Rooms.

    Industrial Heat Transfer Rolls for Membranes

    Our industrial heated rollers are tailor made for the precise geometric tolerances and temperature profiles required by the battery and fuel cell industries.  Our technology electrically driven, with no fluid maintenance or disposal, allowing for clean energy and pristine operation.  Because our design generates heat directly below the surface of the roll (instead of a remote heat source) we can precisely control the temperature profile even at temperatures above 800°F.   

    Other Industries/Applications

    We will continue to update our site with details on how our designs are being utilized in your industry.  

    If your process would benefit from a precise temperature profile, clean energy, high temperatures, or shorter heat up times, please reach out to us today:  we'd love to help you find a better solution.

    Comparing the most common options for industrial heated rollers:

     Hot Oil Roll
     $$$$ Slow550°F± 2°FRemote
    The Heated Roller Company 
    Electric Roll
    $$$ Rapid1000°F
    ± 2°F
     Induction Roll
    $$$ $$ Slow 800°F± 3°FRemote
    High Temperature Heat Transfer Roll

    Made In America

    Our industrial heated rollers are designed & manufactured in our production facility in Hawthorne, NJ, where we proudly continue a long tradition of American ingenuity.

    Clean Energy

    Utilizing 100% electric energy means we are ready to be leaders of a clean energy future.  It also makes our heat transfer rolls ideal for processes where cleanliness is a necessity.

    Precision Control

    Our unique design allows control not only in the web direction, but across the web as well.  This allows for flexibility in web widths for customers in need of versatility.